Provided Services

We have several different consultations available to help your family prepare, have researched done for you or to have a prayer request.

Research Done For You

Need some research done for? We have some great tools and resources to use to get the information your looking for. We will do the research them and provide links and documentation. We research current events, things related to the pandemic, finances, spiritual warfare, occult subjects and many more, We also provide solutions for many of these subjects and how to overcome them. You will receive it in 1-3 business days. So schedule with with us today!

Price: $25.00

Prayer Request

Have a prayer request? Need some us to pray for someone in your family, neighbor, friend, boss, colleague or maybe for yourself. Please contact us tell us a little bit about your situation and we will more than happy to pray for you or stand in a prayer of agreement with you.

Price: $ Free

man praying
man praying
Threat Assessment

Ready to be more prepared and work on a contingency plane to help your family and loved ones. This 30 min consultation comes with us identifying your current threats. Then building a contingency plan for your family and how you will execute these plans on time. You will also receive a drawn out plan based on the discussion. This will also include your nearest safe zone, resources needed and and ways to protect your family.

Price: $50.00

Contact us if you have any questions